The guidance to take your franchise further

Whether you're a new franchisee or a seasoned veteran, get the tools you need to open a successful franchise today. 

Performance Comes Standard

We are a team of experienced franchise owners, operators, and consultants. You'll get hands-on assistance, from the time you get your license to the time you open the doors. Each engagement customized, every step synchronized so you don't waste time or money. That's GO Launch Pros Grade-A Standard.


  • Pro Formas and business development planning assistance

  • Referrals to financial resources

  • Targeted Networking and Contacts


Project Management
  • Buildout

  • Brand customization

  • Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures and equipment assistance


  • Recruiting Interviewing

  • Hiring and training assistance

  • Customer Service Orientation


  • Marketing

  • Grand Opening

  • Post-Opening follow up


Clear Minds, Open Hearts & Willing Hands

GO Launch Pros helps franchisees start up and succeed by providing strategy, coaching, and support through the launch of new locations.

We are a team of experienced business owners, franchise operators and consultants with extensive experience running franchises and breaking launch records with new stores. This hands-on experience built our deep expertise to know what it takes to open a new business and to succeed as a franchisee.

When you partner with us, we assist you from the time you get your license to the time you open your doors. Each engagement is customized, every step synchronized so that your time and money is not wasted.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with Joe and Randy was the best thing I did when I opened my store. And as a result, we broke three corporate records! Kasey R. Wolz, Massage Heights Franchisee
This investment more than paid for itself…best decision I made. Vishal Amin, The Joint Franhcisee

Ensure Your Success

Buying a franchise can be a great way to benefit from a proven system, but getting your franchise unit open is a new process for most franchisees. Our experience opening dozens of units across the country will help you focus on the key decisions you have to make for your operation. We'll serve up the options for each step and help you make decisions informed with our expertise.