To a greater impact

We partner with new and experienced owners get their businesses opened efficiently, at the lowest cost in the least time, to maximum impact. Mistakes can have significant costs in terms of both dollars and time, so we guide owners through our step-by-step process to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


Our staff will work with you one-on-one, guiding you every step of the way, from Build-Out, to Hiring, to Grand Opening. We will map your path, organize a timeline specific to your goals and needs, and establish progress points to keep you on track, helping to eliminate costly delays.


We work in all fields, with a specialty in retail health and wellness.


The GO Launch Pros difference is that we work for you alone and do not sell any franchises so we are unbiased in our advice and recommendations. We help all franchise brands to succeed.


From finalizing your business plan to choosing the right location, contractor and synchronizing buildout to choosing the right staff, our team of experts will show you what to look for and what works best.